Cartoon Renaissance

2021 - Milwaukee, WI

A series of ceramic pieces, generative art, and digitial illustrations pondering social media mysticism and digital capitalism. 

In the 2020’s, the Unknown became a stylish brand as well as a meme.  Aliens, psychics, demons and angels made their way into the digital marketplace as New Age spirituality skyrocketed. It now thrives as a social-media bodied industry that re-packages practices such as manifesting, recounting past lives, spirit channeling, and astrology. 

However, this new realm has many sides, with AI as a messenger known to radicalize. Addiction and conspiracy find outlets faster than ever before.

History doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it rhymes. Cartoon Renaissance calls back to the American spiritualism movement of the early 1900’s and places itself into IG sized, meme-y landscapes.