Lo Stupro

2013, Interlochen Arts Academy

Lo Stupro is a series of sculptures, videos, and process pieces questioning the shrouded, shameful nature of sex in Christian narratives, relying on woman as the example of “sinner”. Feminine knowledge can be interpreted as either a) a fall from grace, or b) demonic possession, leaving women’s understanding of sexuality and emotion as evil, alien, and required to be supervised by men.

Lo Stupro turns a painful tradition into an inner-monologue-forming curriculum. Characters like Eve, Lilith,  the Serpent Lucifer, the Blessed Virgin, and Mary Magdalene become sad, scorned imaginary friends. By forcing the duality of “good” and “evil” to inhabit the same interactive spaces, one is encouraged to revisit the Madonna/Whore complex through items typically provided as imaginative toys in girlhood: dolls, games, ceramic animals, note boxes, and pets.

Interactive pieces such as 666hotline777 (ouija board) andThe Maiden Initiations are privately interactive, creating self-reflective experiences with an authoritative, biased gamemaster. The games coerce one into a black-and-white style of thinking, teaching fear and self-consciousness in a childish play setting.